Take your shot.

The Lineup

Legendary in every shape and size

  • The Tiny One

    Pink Whitney 50mL is the “shooter” size – perfect for bringing a little shot of legendary with you wherever you go.

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  • The Small But Mighty

    The portable Pink Whitney bottle that’s perfect for any and all B.Y.O.P.W. (bring your own Pink Whitney) events.

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  • For You & A Friend

    The same portable shape as our Pink Whitney 200mL, but supersized to have enough legendary vodka for you and a friend.

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  • The Pool Party Icon

    Grab the 750mL Pink Whitney plastic bottle for pool or beach parties that may call for a shatterproof container.

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  • The OG

    The classic Pink Whitney bottle is perfect for house parties, watch parties or whatever sort of legendary evening you and your friends have planned.

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  • The Big One

    A 1 liter Pink Whitney bottle; perfect for epic nights with
 a bigger crew.

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  • The House Party Legend

    The Pink Whitney handle. When all your friends come over looking for a legendary evening, the Pink Whitney 1.75L is a must-have.

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What a Legend.
Where can I find pink whitney near me?
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